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Cook Children’s NICU is the one of the largest NICUs in the nation to offer all-single rooms so parents can be with their babies 24/7. They are a level IV NICU which means they offer the highest level of care for the tiniest and most fragile babies. They have many specialized treatments that are only available at a handful of NICUs nationwide. 

All of these advantages plus our advanced technology, incredibly intelligent and caring doctors and a one-of-a-kind developmental program that follow every NICU graduate after they're discharged, means we give every baby we treat the biggest chance possible for a happy, healthy childhood.

Had it not been for the incredible team of caring providers and innovative treatments that Avery received, she wouldn't be the incredibly loving, high-functioning, spunky child she is today! The entire Keenum/Wooley family and friends will be forever grateful for the care she received under the first 234 days of her life. 

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